Homemade recycled paper, glue, chicken wire

Assembly Required is an ongoing large scale interactive installation made of hundreds of paper coral sculptures. These sculptures are meticulously made using recycled, handmade paper to make each coral completely unique. Each coral is made by making multiples of one shape or gesture that are grouped together to create one coral cluster. These corals can take a multitude of forms and grow to any size, coming together to create a reef of individual corals made by those who choose to participate.

Assembly Required both adapts to space and to the current restrictions due to Covid-19, aiming to bring people together during a time of isolation through art and education. I designed this project so it can be done remotely, with a portable kit containing everything needed to participate. The kit includes directions and supplies to make your own recycled paper and prompts on how to turn that paper into various sculptural forms. This installation invites people to come participate in making their own sculptures and contribute them to the growing reef while learning about the importance of these structures and some new skills.

The images are from the first iteration of this project installed in an available shed in Russell, ON.